How to become a winning brand in 2023

Having a winning brand identity is crucial for all businesses in 2023.  Intelligent branding sets you apart from competitors, shows personality and helps to create a long-lasting relationship with your customers.  It puts a face to your work. Such comprehensive marketing builds a persona and presents your brand values clearly.  However, in a saturated online … Continued

The Client Chronicles: David Wallace, Hibernia

“Our brand now reflects who we are in terms of our purpose, who we are as people and who we are as a company. Without The Pudding, we would be nowhere near our current level of branding, culture, or identity. It has been momentous for Hibernia.” – David Wallace, Director of Strategy & Operations at … Continued

The Client Chronicles: Paul O’Kelly, Mylyn

“If you are ready to step into the spaces you need to in order to get the results you want… I think absolutely yes – work with The Pudding. It is a learning experience that delivers exceptional, immediate and strategic outcomes.” – Paul O’Kelly, Founder of Mylyn & client of The Pudding.  Today we caught … Continued

The Client Chronicles: Gina Halpin, Youth Work Ireland

“The Pudding are just amazing – they got it straight away and they listened to us. Sometimes the act of listening may not be there but the constant communication enabled us to build our relationship with The Pudding and become more comfortable with each other, ensuring that the partnership was successful. We will definitely work … Continued

5 Ways Brand Can Bring Value to your Business

The business landscape of today is loaded with its own unique trends and traits. Businesses that choose to approach this new territory with an astute awareness of the ways brand can add value to businesses are set to soar and scale. Read on to find out how. As the world awakens from the past two … Continued

The Client Chronicles: Jack Byrne, ALTU Architects

“I have said it before and I will say it again: I would recommend working with The Pudding to anyone. The proof is in The Pudding – it’s in the brand. With ALTU, we got exactly what we wanted.” This week on The Client Chronicles, we caught up with Jack Byrne, Associate Director of ALTU … Continued

2022: The Future of Brand has Arrived

As we step into a new year, we step into a new business landscape; one that will be determined by the employee experience and wellbeing, brand transparency and accountability; one whereby the powershift in the workplace is palpable. It’s a new era; the future of brand has arrived.  2021 is a year that will go … Continued

The Client Chronicles: Mark Flood, Renatus

“The Pudding definitely takes the time to understand the business first, which isn’t always the way. Getting underneath the skin of the business and understanding its drivers gives The Pudding a chance to really nail the brief, and that’s what they do.” A conversation with Mark Flood, Director, Renatus Capital Partners. In this instalment of … Continued

The power of brand differentiation: How to make your brand stand out

As the inside out consultants, we approach brand from the core: its people. From there, we work outwards – to strategy and creative, measurement and management – to ensure that brands are living their purpose, delivering unique selling points and are standing out in a crowded marketplace. This is the power of brand differentiation. Brand … Continued