Building your brand from the inside out

At The Pudding, we specialise in inside out branding: the practice of realising a brand’s potential in every component of its DNA – be it talent acquisition or company culture, brand messaging or design, customer service or user experience. 

Brands today consist of so much more than singular elements working with tunnel vision. Whereas once, design, production and customer service, for example, would have all been seen as swimmers in separate lanes, today’s brand sphere is much more dynamic. 

Inside out branding

To intrinsically connect each piece of the puzzle, and value the interdependence of each component of a business, beginning from within, is what we mean by inside out branding. 

It is the understanding that it is not enough to simply state your purpose – businesses must live this from within. Inside out branding begins with a brand’s people – the core of its being, its roots and lifeblood. 

Tips for enhancing your inside out branding strategy

It is no longer an option to consider investing in branding; it is apparent from day dot. It is communicated in everything your business does: internal affairs and company culture, employee advocacy and reputation, customer service, and brand messaging. 

What you do have power over, however, is how you choose to navigate your brand in the marketplace, internally and externally. Some key elements which are fundamental to ensure a robust inside out branding strategy include: 

1. Define your brand purpose

Your brand purpose is the reason you founded your brand and why you get out of bed in the morning. It defines your business and what you want to achieve. It all starts from here. By finessing this, you have set the groundwork from which all else flows. 

From there on, you must identify your brand vision. This is what you want to achieve in the near or distant future. Next up, your must establish your company mission. By doing this, you are mapping out your brand’s key differentiators that will enable you to realise your brand purpose and achieve your brand vision. Again, these are all interconnecting, and all begin from deep within a brand’s DNA. 

2. Value your people

People are the drivers of your brand, and none of it would be possible without them. By realising the importance of your team and nurturing an open and inclusive environment that promotes equality, diversity, wellbeing, respect and responsibility, you are enabling your brand to reach its fullest potential.

In fact, according to a Gallup poll, U.S. businesses lose between $450 to $550 billion per year due to disengaged staff members. It is not enough to talk about caring for your people; you must invest in them through and through. 

3. Live your brand purpose in everything you do.

Inside out branding is an endless pursuit. It cannot be tackled from time to time or bookmarked for an annual marketing review. Inside out branding is a daily investment with lasting results. 

To actively drive an effective inside out branding strategy, businesses must consider their every move, always reverting back to the big questions: does this drive my brand purpose? Is this aligned with my brand values? It may sound daunting, but once you begin decision-making with these burning questions in mind, the effective synergy between all brand components are undeniable. 

The impact

As branding has evolved alongside modern-day zeitgeists, it has also matured to become the most vital component of any business’s success. Today, it is a holistic, living entity that can be nurtured and driven with a concise inside out branding strategy or let proliferate in the market void of direction and consideration. 

Regardless of which route you take, a brand will always have a reputation – after all, a brand is essentially a business’s public image – and every choice a leader takes to guide their brand will impact this.

By nurturing a brand from the inside out, you are enabling your brand’s purpose to be realised to its full and unlocking the potential to endless creative and commercial success. 

If your business is struggling to reach its full potential, or you would like to discuss how inside out branding can benefit your business, contact us today at

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