Top 5 social media marketing trends in recruitment for 2023

Like any sector, the world of recruitment needs to be aware of social media changes. 

Whether it be technological advances or social platform shifts, to be ahead of the game a business needs to be savvy. 

Every year social media trends change. Sometimes, it is even quicker. One month Instagram is all the rage, the next it’s TikTok. One-minute short and sweet LinkedIn recruitment posts are the key to success, but then within 20 seconds, it’s long-form essays that are enticing applicants. 

So, what are the key social media trends for recruitment in 2023?

Platform recruitment 

While LinkedIn has always traditionally been viewed as the optimum recruitment tool, other platforms like Facebook and Twitter are growing in popularity. 

The former has already begun the jump into the sphere with the ‘jobs near me’ features.

At the same time, the popular hashtag #jobfairy is employed by many users as a job search tool. 

So when beginning the hunt for job contenders, it’s best to use a holistic social media approach. 

Video content will dominate

It is common knowledge that video is the king of social media channels. A recent study by Cisco found that 82% of global consumer internet traffic this year will be video content. 

It creates high engagement within seconds and is a superb way to convey your business message to others. 

When it comes to the world of recruitment, storytelling through video is key. Whether it be Q&As with CEOS or day-in-the-life snippets with employees, visual clips show potential applicants the working culture of a company

Local Targeting 

Using location-based targeting on social media will help recruiters attract local candidates. This is especially important if the job is an on-site role. 

On Instagram, many users search by location, so an easy way to focus share is by geotagging the post. 

Meanwhile, if you are sharing a recruitment post on Facebook, you can ‘boost’ the post and specifically hone in on the working area.  

Artificial Intelligence

According to Forrester, AI software is predicted to grow 50% faster than the overall software market. 

You may assume that recruitment and AI don’t mix, but this technology can significantly aid the hiring process. 

Machine learning algorithms can be used in the likes of profile matching by searching for candidates with backgrounds suiting the criteria of the role. 

In addition, chatbots can aid engagement with potential interviewees, saving you time and making the operation faster. 


Over the years, podcasting has proven itself to be a clever marketing tool. Simple in its execution, it’s also another string to add to a recruitment bow. 

Similar to video, podcasts can showcase a company in ways that other mediums can’t. In-depth interviews with employees and leaders add another layer to the business. 

A podcast also allows listeners to know more about the enterprise and its people, meaning they can judge if the company is the right fit for them. 

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