The power of brand differentiation: How to make your brand stand out

As the inside out consultants, we approach brand

from the core: its people. From there, we work

outwards – to strategy and creative, measurement

and management – to ensure that brands are

living their purpose, delivering unique selling points

and are standing out in a crowded marketplace.

This is the power of brand differentiation.

Brand differentiation is an essential component of any brand strategy. As an Irish consultancy specialising in employer brand that works with national and multinationals, our first port of call is always digging deep into a brand’s DNA. By doing this, we uncover what truly makes them tick, their strengths, and their unique selling points (USPS). 

It is through these deep-dive workshops with their people and leadership teams that we truly get to know a brand. Herein lies the power of brand differentiation. 

Read on to discover our top tips on how to make your brand stand out in a crowded marketplace.

6. Begin from within

One of the most powerful ways to build a strong brand is to invest in your people and to realise that your people are the essence of your brand. Indeed, 96% of companies say employer brand and reputation positively and negatively impacts revenue, according to CareerArc.

By committing to creating a unique, diverse and compelling employee experience that feeds into your customer experience, you can create a wholly original brand differentiator that will enable your brand to stand out from its competitors. 

5. Don’t underestimate the impact of design

Design is one of the most effective and memorable ways for brands to stand out. The value of good, considered, elevated design is immeasurable. According to Forbes, it takes just seven seconds for a person to form an opinion of a brand with design playing heavily on this, proving just how valuable it is.

In order to support the design process, robust brand exploration via workshops and strategy sessions is crucial. The findings then act as the fuel to enable design to become a vehicle to communicate your brand’s key differentiators. 

4. Innovate

One of the most powerful ways to impose brand differentiation is via innovation. Strive to create; push the boundaries; be pioneers. 

Take Apple, for example. This is a brand that has built an empire on selling not simply technology but lifestyle products. This is a brand that – regardless of whether they are better than their market competitors or not – has won customer loyalty through their innovative and superior design (another nod to #5). 

3. Own it

There are those that do everything and those that do few things; there is no right or wrong in this narrative. What we do advise our clients though is to find their niche and own it. 

Brand success awaits for those who are bold, stand up and make their mark or coin the term.

2. Evolve over time

Evolution is a healthy part of human existence and it’s just as important in the world of brand. Many of the biggest names have undergone an evolution, causing them to strategically reposition themselves.

The result? Maintaining relevance in the ever-changing marketplace and topical in the conversation. Most importantly, repositions enable brands to grow and mature over time – much like us humans – and stay fresh and attractive to their target market. 

1. Throw the rule book out the window

There are many ways you can explore brand differentiation – from your creative comms and strategy to tone of voice, packaging, customer service, or employee experience. The list goes on.

One sure-fire strategy to experience the power of brand differentiation is to simply throw the rule book out the window. Embrace the art of doing things differently. Those that do this with clear business goals and a robust strategy will bear the fruits of bravery.

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