The Client Chronicles: Barry Marron, Rennicks

“What really resonated with us is that The Pudding

didn’t overlook the existing situation.

It is very much an inside out approach.”

– A conversation with Barry Marron,

Managing Director, Rennicks.

In this instalment of The Client Chronicles, we sat down with Barry Marron, Managing Director at Rennicks Group Ltd

Rennicks Group was established in 1976 and is a known and trusted supply chain partner in the highways industry. 

A new client of The Pudding, we helped Rennicks Group refresh and remodel its brand identity. The company wanted to improve its online representation and not only increase brand awareness but communicate its core values too. 

Here Barry chats with us about the process. 

1. Can you tell us about your partnership with The Pudding?

Rennicks is a well-established brand name in the Highways and Vehicle Registration sectors and has been for many years. We have had a broad product range and an international presence, however, we did not have adequate branding representation online. We came to a juncture where we needed and wanted to move into a new chapter in terms of brand awareness. We wanted our values to be better communicated through our brand identity. We then heard about The Pudding through a referral. We wanted to find out for ourselves what the business had to say and what The Pudding could do.

What really resonated with us is that the team at The Pudding took the time to understand, in-depth, our heritage, our strengths and areas where we could develop. It is very much an inside out approach. The Pudding pulled what was already good about the business and presented it in a way that it never had been before. 

2. What was the journey like to achieving a new brand identity? 

The first thing we did was return to our purpose. It made us think deeply about what makes the business tick. This thought process came about quickly and easily and validated what we do. It was a defining moment on the journey and helped form the refresh.

One of the core strengths of the business is our client relationships and the distances we will go to help them. Those qualities weren’t being reflected, but with the refresh, they are coming to the fore. Value creation was so important and is now helping to represent us in the best way possible. There are so many aspects to making a brand its best, but authenticity is key. From the website to the photography, every decision has helped to bring out the personality of Rennicks. 

3. What is the outcome of this project going to be? 

The outcome of the project is that in articulating the Rennicks “way” – from our purpose, and our ambition to our core values – we have a guiding hand as we develop and execute our long-term strategy.

In practical terms, our activities and performance will be checked against these points ensuring that we are fulfilling and meeting our greater plan and strategy. In doing so, we will make better business decisions along the way. 

And of course, we have an exciting new visual identity which truly reflects our brand. This will provide us with an effective presence in both local and international markets.

4. What has the experience working with The Pudding been like? 

It was inspiring and eye-opening. In particular, the workshops were really engaging. Everybody contributed and the result has been a shared ownership of those outputs and ultimately the end result. Although the project was extended due to choices on our side, we are delighted with the finished product. It has been worth the wait. 

5. Would you recommend The Pudding to others?

I have already recommended The Pudding because I loved the approach. It’s comprehensive and thorough. The workshops get the wider team involved, so everyone has a finger on the pulse and is fully engaged. And The Pudding allowed us to build on the existing business and will help us grow bigger and better than ever before. 

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