Team Talks: Diana Sexton, SCAM at The Pudding

In this instalment of Team Talks, we catch up with Diana Sexton, one of The Pudding’s Senior Client Account Managers, to learn a little more about her career to date and what she loves about her job at The Pudding.

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself.

I completed my Bachelors degree in Cardiff, Wales and am a former World Champion dancer. In my spare time, I enjoy pilates, gym classes, swimming, listening to a good podcast and travelling as much of the World as I can.

Previously, I lived in sunny Australia for four years, and I am currently a dog mommy and love nothing more than spending time with my fiance & family.

2. Career-wise, what’s the journey been like?

I started my career accidentally when I was temping in Perth, Australia. I was brought in as a receptionist for a two week contract, and was offered a full time position as a Marketing Officer, which quickly led to being promoted to Assistant Brand Manager.

After staying in Perth for three years, I moved back to Ireland and worked at Musgrave Marketplace as a Brand Manager. In 2018 I moved to Smyths Toys as their Senior Brand Manager, which I enjoyed working on all things toys for over five years.

3. How did you find out about The Pudding, and what made you want to work with them?

I first heard of The Pudding when they did a culture piece of work with Smyths Toys. I then started to see and hear more about the work they were doing on LinkedIn and also through people in the industry.

I was so impressed when I discovered the clients and the amazing work The Pudding was doing. The main attraction to work here was the people. We have a fantastic team and the work we do is always driven by impact which was the differentiator for me. Our purpose and values are what drives everything we do to ensure we are always producing award winning work.

4. You’re a SCAM at The Pudding – what does that entail?

As a Senior Client Account Manager, I manage multiple accounts. Everything I do for my clients is driven by impact and how we can gain them leads, coverage and engagement.

On any given day, I could be working on marketing material, press releases, facilitating workshops, directing photos or video shoots, or mapping out social media calendars. The list is endless!

5. How would you describe life at The Pudding and what differentiates us from other organisations?

The culture at The Pudding is what sets it apart from other agencies. The team is so supportive of one another, and everyone has the same values and priorities.

The proof is literally in The Pudding. When I first met the team, I said The Pudding was a “non agency, agency”, as we are very creative, however, I couldn’t believe how impact-driven the team is.

Everything we do is not just to tick a box, we look at the root of issues in businesses and aim to deliver as much impact and success for the clients as possible.

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