The Business Impact Of Your Employer Brand

With the war for talent more real than ever before, our upcoming Breakfast Briefing will look at the positive business impact of a strong employer brand in this competitive labour market. This event will focus on building a strong employer brand that attracts and retains top talent which will ultimately drive business growth. 

This event will be particularly relevant to Senior Executives and HR Directors who are keen to build a strong and compelling employer brand that attracts top talent, increases retention and drives business growth. Getting your employer brand right saves time and money. Companies with strong employer brands typically hire twice as fast, are three times more likely to make a quality hire, and benefit from a reduction in cost per hire by up to 50% and reduction in retention by up to 28%.

Our speakers and panellists will share their corporate perspectives and board level insights from working with several leading Irish and global brands.

Date: Wednesday 30 October 2019

Registration: 7.15 am

Breakfast and Networking: 7.30 am

Key Speakers and Panel Discussion: 7.45 am to 9 am

Location: The Blue Room, The Dean Dublin

RSVP: Please let us know if you can join us by Monday 28 October 2019 by emailing

Key Speakers & Panellists 

Gillian Horan, CEO of The Pudding & Declan Ronayne, CEO of Woodies

Gillian Horan, Speaker & Panel Discussion Facilitator 

Employer brand as a driver of business growth.

Gillian is one of Ireland’s leading authorities on brand. She has advised a range of corporate and private equity groups on how best to reposition and commercially leverage their corporate and employer brands to drive revenue, attract top talent and drive growth. Gillian has been responsible for a number of significant rebrands in the Irish marketplace and beyond. Some of her key clients include Smyths Toys, Norbook Pharmaceuticals, Renatus, Nursing Homes Ireland, Sheraton US, Carton House, Conrad Dublin, PREM Group, InterContinental and the Irish Hospitality Institute. Gillian spent 12 years lecturing in Branding, Marketing and Entrepreneurship in one of the leading hospitality colleges, the Shannon College of Hotel Management. She is a Non-Executive Board member at General Paints/ Colourtrend. She has also served as a Board Member of the Institute of Management Consultants and Advisors (IMCA).

Declan Ronayne, Speaker & Panellist 

Getting your Board on board to deliver results through people.

Declan is CEO of Woodies, Ireland’s market leader in DIY, Home & Garden retailing, trading nationally from 35 locations and at  Woodies are one of the top 20 Best Places to Work in Ireland with Great Place to Work. Declan will share Woodies exciting turnaround story; one which has people at its core. People have been a primary driver of Woodies growth, profit and success. In 2014, operating profit at Woodies was €2.4 million. By 2017 operating profit had hit €11.2 million.

Declan is also chair of Chadwicks Group, Ireland’s No. 1 builder’s merchants and DIY retailer, trading principally under the brands Chadwicks, Heiton Buckley and the Panelling Centre and operating from 50 locations across Ireland.

Fania Stoney of Great Place to Work & Anne Rush of Colgate

Fania Stoney, Panellist 

Fania Stoney is currently a Consultant with Great Place to Work. Over the past number of years she has been building an expertise in organisational culture across a range of sectors and size of organisations. In her current role she provides feedback to clients about the potential high performance of their culture, acting as a trainer to support workplace improvement teams and delivering consultancy advice to enable the development of improvement strategies and initiatives.

Previously, Fania worked in the Non-Profit sector for a number of years. Demonstrating core humanitarian competencies, she brought an understanding of context, achieving results, and self-management in pressurised situations and an ever-changing environment. Core elements of the work included developing and maintaining collaborative relationships across multiple stakeholders, as well as leading dynamic groups and teams through a range of projects and processes.

Anne Rush, Panellist 

Anne is the HR Director with Colgate. She has over 20 years HR experience across high tech, pharma and FMCG multinationals having worked in multiple countries and cultures. She is fascinated by human potential and finding the right match between people, roles and organisations to drive business growth with individual growth. 

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